The Leonard Bros Vault

The Leonard Bros Vault in Ferndale, Michigan by Leonard Bros.

 Proper Storage and Preservation Requires a State-of-the-Art Facility

When protection is paramount, the most important component of media storage is the facility itself.  Less-than-optimum conditions and an inconsistent environment put your media and your data at great risk of damage and degradation.  For that reason, Leonard Bros. uses a media storage vault specifically designed to provide the atmospheric conditions and strict security to maximize your data preservation and protection.

Must-Haves: Total Climate Control, Enhanced Safety, Specialized Fixtures

Our storage vault allows for complete, continuous control of temperature and humidity, and protects against contamination by moisture, dirt and dust.  Enhanced smoke and fire detection systems and a waterless fire suppression system protect media from the risk of fire damage– the fire suppression agent we use does not leave any residue that could render media unreadable.

We also employ specialized racking systems within the vault which allow for the slotting of both containerized and individually-slotted media, and high density storage shelving prevents your media from being exposed to light and dust.  And all of our shelving and racking is rock-solid, so your media is never at risk of damage from falling due to overstacking or equipment failure.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Our vault is monitored 24/7 to protect against unauthorized access, and entry is limited to authorized personnel only, to ensure your confidential information is completely protected.  And our security protocols, based on best security practices, are continuously updated and our staff strictly supervised to ensure they are consistently applied.

To learn more about why our vault is the best place to store your digitally-stored data to preserve and protect it, please call us today or complete our website contact form.  We’ll be glad to tell you more about the many ways our vault better protects your data and your business!

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