Shredding Collection Containers

Contain Your Exposure to Compliance Breach with Our Receptacles

Shred collection containers offer a secure, convenient and time-saving way to gather paper records slated for destruction. They ensure documents to be destroyed are collected quickly without your staff having to spend time in front of an office shredder feeding it a few pages at a time, and they also protect confidential information from prying eyes, minimizing your risk of a security breach.

A Variety of Sizes of Consoles/Bins, Delivered and Installed

Leonard Bros. offers office shredding consoles and bins in a variety of sizes, and will gladly deliver the quantity you need to your location upon request. These lockable containers are placed conveniently throughout your office inaccessible areas where confidential documents can easily and conveniently be collected. Once placed in a container, records cannot be viewed or retrieved, so our receptacles are truly a secure repository for your sensitive information.

Secure Collection, Secure Destruction

When your shred collection containers are full, one of our trained team members will securely collect the contents and transport them to our shredding facility for destruction. And after your documents have been destroyed, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records that satisfies your compliance requirements.

We’ll Help You Choose the Best Containers and Schedule for You

The number of containers you need and how often they will need service will vary according to your particular industry and business requirements. If you need guidance, we’ll be glad to help you design a collection program and select the right containers to best meet your needs. For more details about the dimensions and types of collection containers we offer, or to request a quote for one-time or ongoing scheduled shred services, please call us or complete the form on this page today!

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