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Records Storage & Management Services

It’s not just important to have a secure and cost-effective storage solution that enables you to preserve and locate your critical business records—it’s required. State, federal and local laws and regulations dictate what information you need to retain and for how long, and an audit may require you to produce requested information in a timely manner. And for your business continuity and operations, you must be able to quickly locate and access the current and historical information you need.

Scanning & Imaging

At Leonard Bros. we believe the benefits of reducing paper an organization can be extraordinary: reduced costs, improved business processes, and streamlined operations. Implementing a solution to reap these benefits can prove challenging to the best of businesses. Our document scanning service bureau provides comprehensive electronic document management solutions for the successful conversion of paper records to electronic file formats.

Data Vault Services

Proper storage of your digital media is integral to long-term data preservation. Magnetic media is extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and exposure to the wrong atmospheric conditions or even just variations in the storage environment can result in catastrophic data loss.

Data Backup Services

Already Cloud Ready Unprecedented data growth is challenging companies of all sizes, placing increasing pressure on their backup and recovery initiatives. With mounting pressure to comply with regulatory requirements and improve disaster recovery practices, companies are experiencing dissatisfaction with traditional backup methods that are falling short regarding efficiency, reliability, and ease of use.

Shredding Services

Secure Shredding & Destruction: A Critical Part of Protecting Your Company and Your Customers. At some point, you will no longer need some of your vital business records. It’s a natural part of the records life cycle, and getting rid of unnecessary records is just smart risk management and smart business sense.


“Painless and stress free”, is the best way to describe the partnership between Leonard Bros. and Deighton Family Practice. Leonard Bros. packed, indexed and filed by numerical medical record number over 800 boxes of patient medical records. The staff was professional, hard working and friendly. Leonard Bros. was flexible in overcoming obstacles and completing the task by the deadline.” ~ Cass Hamiel, Supervisor –Deighton Family Practice

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