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Media & Hard Drive Shredding in Ferndale, Michigan by Leonard Bros.

Media & Hard Drive Shredding: Because There’s No Such Thing as “Erasing” Digital Data

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation you work hard to minimize risks to your organization.  The risks associated with security breach are real—not only for your sake and the sake of your customers, but because regulations like HIPAA, FACTA and Graham-Leach-Bliley require you protect confidential information no matter what format it’s stored in.  That’s why we offer complete, secure digital media destruction.

Compared to paper, digital media and hard drives can store an enormous amount of data in a relatively small space.  And much to the relief of anyone who has ever suffered through a hard drive crash, just as the technology for storing data has improved, so has the ability to recover digitally-stored data.  It’s a great thing for users, but dangerous for data protection and privacy.

With the advent of identity theft and its ascendance as the financial crime of choice for opportunists, it is not adequate to simply delete this information from hard drives or other digital media before they’re discarded.  There is no such thing as “erasing” data—even after deletion, it can still be extracted by sophisticated and determined individuals.  So for total data protection and to prevent data theft, it’s necessary to shred hard drives and digital media before disposal, just like you do with paper.

We Shred All Kinds of Digital Media and Hard Drives, Completely and Securely

Leonard Bros. media and hard drive shredding services reduce the chance of security breaches by offering a secure method for the disposal of your digital media.  We observe strict chain of custody and follow all other security protocols during the destruction process, and deliver the same Certificate of Destruction for your digital media as we do for your paper records, to document your regulatory compliance.  You can also witness the destruction of your media firsthand if you wish.

All you have to do is gather the media that needs to be destroyed and contact us.  We will pick it up and transport it securely to our facility where it is destroyed using specialized shredders designed to handle total destruction of digital media.  We will handle your digital media destruction on either an as-needed basis, or as a regularly-scheduled occurrence, whichever your business requires.

To learn more about how our media and hard drive shredding services can protect your company and your customers from the risks of data breach, or to request a quote, please call us or complete our website contact form today!

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