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Scan On Demand in Ferndale, Michigan by Leonard Bros.

We understand that back file conversions of inactive records may not be cost effective for your organization. While it’s still necessary to retain records according to regulatory requirements, those documents and files may be rarely accessed, if even at all. A more budget friendly method allows you to store your files offsite and scan important documents on as needed basis. This is a service Leonard Bros. are proud to offer our clients.

Our Scan On Demand Service is Secure and Offsite

The Leonard Bros. Scan on Demand service combines the security of offsite record storage with the reliability and accessibility of document scanning. Inactive documents are transferred to our secure records center where they are bar coded and tracked within our inventory control system. When a document is requested, we retrieve the hardcopy paper record from its records center location and scan it to an electronic file format of your choice. The electronic document is then uploaded to our secure file management site or emailed to the authorized requestor. Just like that, your files are now converted to digital format when you want it and how you want it!

Take Advantage Of The Convenience

With Scan on Demand you achieve the convenience of having a file electronically delivered directly to your workstation or laptop. The electronic document can then serve as a permanent record that can easily be shared within your organization. Regardless of your geographic location, Scan on Demand allows for the easy retrieval and delivery of your files.

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