The Backup Path

The Backup Path in Ferndale, Michigan by Leonard Bros.

Replication DS-System

The Replication configuration of the DS-System allows storing backed up data into multiple geographical locations for redundancy and high availability reasons. Depending on the Replication configuration, DS-Clients can automatically fall back to replication DS-Systems for their backup, and restore activities if the main DS-System is not available. Replication DS-Systems can easily be turned into production DS-Systems by simply changing their license parameters. Replication DS-Systems are licensed separately.


DS-NOC is a web interface that allows Enterprises or Service Providers to access and monitor DS-System, BLM Archivers or DSBilling Systems DS-License Server and DS-Clients remotely through web. Additionally, Service Providers use DS-NOC to enable web access for their end customers or partners to other DS-System, BLM Archiver reports, status udates, account/DS-Client creation on DS-System and web access to the archive data stored in the BLM Archiver. Users using the DS-NOC web interface have granular access to its functionality based on granted permissions. File
restore through web is also availableDS-NOC is licensed separately.

Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM)

Every business stores data of varying importance. Mission-critical data required for day-to-day operations must be immediately accessible and stored on the DS-System. However, less important data or dormant files for significant periods of time occupy premium real estate on the DS-System and should be saved to less expensive storage and eventually deleted to ensure compliance. The DS-System’s online disk-based storage maintains critical data. BLM allows you to archive DS-System data for long term, either for cost or for regulatory compliance reasons.

  • Saves money while still offering data protection by archiving obsolete generations and deleted data as well as old data.
  • Enables compliance with backup regulations by allowing periodic copy archiving, and by providing data destruction (with certificate).
  • Licensed per amount archived. Unlimited restores.
  • It is a separately licensed software.

Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) Replication

The Replication configuration of the BLM Archiver is designed to accomodate replication data for one or multiple BLM Archivers for redundancy/compliance purposes. Replication BLM Archivers can be easily turned into production BLM Archivers by changing their licence parameters and by reconfiguring DS-Systems to archive their data on the new BLM Archivers. Replication BLM Archivers are licensed separately.

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